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Rob |
It was a pleasure of seeing you yesterday at CMC
Your stunts were amazing as always
Thanks for having a picture with me
22 May 2017 - Cmc motorcycles Chesterfield

Webmaster comments   Your welcome Rob. Always a good day at CMC

Paul Herron |
Hi Dave Great meeting up with you and Wayne. Great day all round. Wor Billy gutted cause he did not come and talk with you. Thanks once again. Upload rest of pics when i finish work the morn. Regards to all matew.
24 July 2016 - Ashington , Northumberland

Dave Wilkinson |
Hi Dave. Looking forward to seeing you again at this years' Bikewise in Durham.. I was one of Bob Browns team who helped launch the first Bikewise show in the mid nineties and I'm glad to see its still going all these years later. Thanks for your support at this popular event. You're still the highlight of the show.
22 June 2015 - Durham

Webmaster comments   Hi Dave, Thanks mate, i do enjoy the Bikewise Event.. Where did that 20 yrs go ? :-). Hope all is well. Cheers

Paul Jarram |
Hi Dave and also team! Had a great time watching you at CMC chesterfield on Sunday. You are amazing mate, keep it upright. See you again somewhere. All the best!
12 May 2015 - United Kingdom

Webmaster comments   Hi Paul, Thanks mate,glad you enjoyed the show.It was a good day !CMC is a fantastic Motorcycle Dealership. Cheers Dave

Sandra O'Neill |
Hi Dave, Just loved watching you and Wayne doing your stunt shows on The Yamaha Darkside Tour, so,so funny. hope to see you both again in the future. x. I was with Graham the Focused event driver. :x
20 August 2014 - Manchester

Webmaster comments   Hi Sandra, thanks for that.Glad you enjoyed it. Was great to meet you and Graham on the Tour. Graham was a great help to me at times. Hope to see you both again sometime. Take care x

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