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Gary Hodgkinson |
Hi Dave
saw the show at supercar sunday at Gaydon,thought it was brilliant we also videoed the 2 shows parts of which we have on youtube which we hope you dont mind, recently you took the highest hitting video on our page and it seems to be getting more popular daily (specially in the states) so many thanks for an excellent show, look forward to the next time oh and the guy who does your commentary, very witty made us laugh great stuff.
All the best
14 February 2010 - derbyshire

Webmaster comments   Hi Gary, yes that was a good event ! will be back this year too ! come over to the van for a chat if you are there. Thanks for video,I will tell Wayne you thought he was good, he will be back also. Cheers,Dave

Bonner |
Hi Dave and Sandra. Not seen you for a while. Hope ur well. Bonner "RegPlate"
30 June 2008 - Manchester

Webmaster comments   Hi Bonner.good to hear from you.we are all ok,ta.hope you are too.Cheers,Dave

dave allen |
WOW! wot a show caught you at cheshire oaks today,had a great time, the kids loved it,many thanks for spending the time to sign autographs,nothing was too much trouble wot a top bloke,thanks again look forward to seeing you again,cheers dave
28 June 2008 - north wales

Webmaster comments   Hi Dave,glad you liked the show,i had a good time too,good crowd ! Hope to be back again next year cheers,

jodie britton ges' daughter...x |
hya dave how r u wen is ur next show coz i aint seen ya 4 a while hope 2 c u soon nd u still havent dropped them posters off in the caledonian we have been waitin for them for ages
13 May 2008 - darlo

Webmaster comments   hi jodie,,sorry about the posters,will sort some out for you.& drop them off
at Calley. Im ok ta, next show around Darlo will be Bikewise at Durham
Police HQ, July 27th. Hope to see you there..

zxsammy636r |
Hiya Dave, are you doing your thing this year @ haydock bike show 22/23 rd september . Do hope you are, not seen you for ages Miss ya.......Sam x
4 September 2007 - At the end of a pint of cider ....

Webmaster comments   Hi Sam,good to hear from you.No,im not at Haydock,sorry.I'm at Elvington for the World Wheelie Records Weekend on that date.Hope you are all ok

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