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Terry Willett
Dave is da ***** best,my dream is to be as good as you one day.iv learnt wheeies on my ped and am getting my gsx600 soon so i can start learning all ur crazy and amazing skills.i hope i get to meet you one day and talk stunt wiv you.keep riding dave,ride until you cant ride nemore.hopefully thats a long way off yet though.peace
31 May 2007 - sussex

kieran |
hi dave i was jus wonderin how long it tuk u to b able to ride a bike like this cos i always flip my crosser tryin to impress the girlies lol (gotta b dun tho) n can u send me sum info or pics ovu plz top site keep it goin n keep ridin
31 May 2007 - manchester :D

scott |
iv'e got the poster of u in the new 'fast bike' and its on me wall... watched ur record on ur site, well done it was class. hope u do some shows round the north east.
31 May 2007 - sunderland

Boris van Helsing |
Davey - just seen fantastik photo spreed in Fast Bikes of you and the most sexyful Wicky Vhitaker, as we say hear in the saloons of Helsinki - you are one lucky snitchengruben.
Mayb I can be rudy enough to suggest further English Roses who you can pleasure with your stunts. Mayb the lovely Moira Stewart would be willing to allow you to wisk her from over the desk to the track, or the beetiful Beela Emberg or even Thora Hird, then again she may be dead- no problem.
Hope thees help the mightee man- your nomber one Finnish Fan BVH
31 May 2007 - germany

rob |
dave dude you totaly rule its people like you that have inspired me to pull stunts on my tricked up gixer 6 keep up the good work
rob and claire
31 May 2007 - nottinghamshire

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